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Engaged: Anna and Jaret

This session sent over to me by Anjuli of Photorange Photography takes place at a super creative location. Anna and Jaret decided to shoot everything in an unfinished Italian villa. I love how it sort of symbolically relates to the idea of beginnings and building a new life together. I hope these shots spark some creative ideas for you!


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Engaged: Molly and Donovan

Photographer Windy Dougall had the chance to shoot Molly and Donovan’s engagement session in Palm Springs at the Ace Hotel. I love all the great scenery and really recommend you taking a trip out to the Ace (if you haven’t already been).


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Engaged: Jide and Temi

So, let’s start by discussing the obvious. Jide and Temi? Those names are so cool, they sound made up. And how did Jide find Temi? BOTH of their names are too cool. Anyhow. I digress.

This engagement session by Brookelyn Photography is at, of course, Grand Central Terminal, which is very significant for Jide and Temi because they both have spent so much time there. The couple has been suffering the unbearable burden of a long distance relationship for quite some time, so they thought a shoot at Grand Central would be a perfect setting for their engagement session. Yay for couples that survive long distance, right?! Congrats to Jide and Temi and thanks to Brookelyn Photography for sharing such pretties!


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Engaged: Matt and Jeanette

This shoot was sent over to me by Hello Studios and the moment I saw it, I felt the need to email them back in ALL CAPS as many superlatives I could muster. Of course, it is particularly spectacular thanks to the incredibly creative talents of Lindye Galloway, who I just can’t get enough of! I’m told that Matt and Jeanette really wanted an engagement session that would scream “SUMMER!” and capture their love of the ocean and summertime activities. Mission accomplished!

Thanks to everyone for sharing!

P.S. Jeanette…that bathing suit? I need one, STAT!

UPDATE: The bathing suit is by Juicy Couture, which you can get HERE!!!


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Engaged: Whitney and Mike

Whitney and Mike’s engagement session was shot by Vania and Christine of Simply Bloom Photography. Vania and Christine always send over beautiful work and I’m excited to be able to share some with you today. One of my favorite parts of this session is the location…wherever in the world can you find a carpet of purple flowers? Because I want to go there, and get the carpet, and install it in my backyard. I’m weighing the possibilities of importing purple grass for myself. I’ll keep you posted on my progress… But for now, enjoy these pretties…

Congratulations, Whitney and Mike!


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Anniversary: Shannon and Eddie

Shannon and Eddie recently had Edmund Prieto shoot an anniversary session for them and I just can’t say enough about how pretty it is! Edmund along with Renee from OC Prop Girl styled this shoot and surprised Shannon and Eddie with it.  I absolutely adore that they took the time to string some lights throughout the scene as it got dark. And how much do you love Shannon’s hairpiece? I’ve got it on good authority that the hairpiece was made by Renee!

Edmund has done a really beautiful job capturing all the rich, warm colors…and of course the gorgeous couple! I know you will enjoy!


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Engaged: Lauren and Wes

Lauren and Wes’s engagement, shot by photographer Lindsey McDowell, took place in Woodbury, Georgia. Lauren’s parents own a peach orchard, which adds to the personal nature of the setting.

Please note these images make me want to live in the South. And own a peach orchard. And buy a pair of cowboy boots. And then have Lindsey take my pictures. Pretty much.


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Sometimes All You Need is a Little Anthropologie…

This engagement session shot in Michigan is so sweet and simple. It isn’t over-propped or over done. It involves a fabulous Anthropologie dress, a great location, some simple flowers and clean, vibrant, beautiful images. Photographer Julie Harmsen captured Kai and Kayley, and I must say, Kayley…I’m really loving the white heels! Such a fun pairing with that dress!

Other vendors included Mary at The Leslie Studio and flowers from Eastern Floral.


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Music and Gin

Brandon Scott Photography sent over this styled shoot and I’ve gotta say…my fave parts are the killer bottle of gin and the old records! (And the bow tie… I’m a sucker for a bow tie!). Thanks guys for sending over such lovely work!


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Engaged: David and Laura

Photographer Sarah Shreves was kind enough to share this super fun engagement session. Laura’s dad let them use his airplane, which makes it that much more sentimental. How great is this bright yellow plane?


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