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sunday {fun}day

Hi all! Happy Sunday. Hope your weekend is full of productivity and relaxation! Our Sunday Funday is a simple one this week. Ran across this Martha Stewart photo and was so inspired. If you’re one of those lucky ones who is planning on having brunch after the wedding day (hello mimosa and french toast!) then perhaps you should consider providing your guests with a crossword puzzle to get the morning started off just right. Search google for custom crossword puzzles and you’ll find several sites that offer a custom option using your own words and hints! Hmmm…If not for a post wedding brunch, I’m sure you could think of a few fun ways to use this old pastime. mwa102833_spr07_crossword_xl1


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Found: Tree Favors


Well, I hope you all enjoyed your President’s Day like I did–lounging around in pajamas. I wanted to start off this week with a follow up to an image I included in one of my pictorials in this post

These tree seedlings make for completely adorable favors. Plant a Memory is an online shop that sells the trees, and though they are a bit pricey, I just couldn’t resist sharing the source with those of you who might be able to afford the splurge.

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Bridesmaid Hostess: Shower Ideas for Spring

Always a bridesmaid never a bride? Don’t worry. You can indulge your wedding fantasies with your plans for a stunning bridal shower. Here’s a collection of ideas for a sprightly spring shower. 

Westwillow is an Etsy find that I am completely drooling over. Their invites are custom ordered and perfect for someone hoping to find a unique invite option at a great price. I love these ones for a spring shower. 

Spring Bridal Shower Invites

Bridal shower food, normally made up of vegetables, dips and mini sandwiches, can take on a sophisticated air with these pretty treats below. Martha Stewart’s new web article, 50 Good Things to Eat at a Wedding has several great suggestions and recipes. I’m not sure I can realistically envision these mini pieces of extravagance served at a 200 person wedding, which is why I think they are perfect for a shower. 

Shower Treats

Drinks…pretty colors, pretty glasses. Done deal! **Easy tip: if you want to keep your drinks icy cold, but want to pre-pour them for guests’ arrival, rather than add ice to your glasses, add frozen fruit. It will keep the drinks nice and chilly without watering down the flavor. Photo and recipes click here: Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Spring Cocktails

These tags are an absolutely adorable way to dress up cupcakes. Lauren Makes on Etsy sells 24 of these tags for only $15. She also offers custom options which would make your dessert that much more thoughtful. 


For favors, CasaSugar found these totally adorable tins on Etsy, and I think that if you use these, it won’t matter what you put in them! CasaSugar suggests flower seeds, small decorative soaps or chocolates. I think even pistachio nuts or fancy tea would do the trick. The seller, GamiWorks, offers a collection of home items and jewelry as well, so you can stock up while you’re there. The tins are $22.50 for 10. 


More Bridesmaid features coming soon, so check back!

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