DIY Birdcage!

Well, last night was absolutely amazing! The Hitched Event was a complete success and I was so honored to be a contributor!

As part of the event, vendors were asked to provide a little something for guests to collect in their goody bags. I thought it might be fun to give out a little piece of russian netting, which is used for birdcage veils. The fabric has all sorts of crafty possibilities, so I wanted to share with all of you (and our Hitched attendees) some ideas for their birdcage materials!

First up, I added the netting to a fabric corsage. It created a whimsical vintage flair that’s  fun and unexpected. It would look really darling if you added it to an actual floral corsage…say perhaps the mother of the bride? Just a little something extra special to make your mom stand out.

To get the look, simply gather together one end of the fabric, twist and fan out; then apply!

Next up, I put together a little accessory idea for you. I took a simple bangle, dressed it up with some gold trim (available at any craft store) and made a birdcage flower. To make your own, simply fold each corner into the center of your fabric swatch. From underneath, gather the center (along with your corners) and twist just a bit. A needle and thread works best to secure the gathering. Then simply adhere with hot glue to your bangle.


The last project involves a bit more fabric. If you don’t have a specialty store near you that sells it, you can find it at a number of places online, including the Grey Likes Etsy store. This last DIY is a flower girl wand. It was very easy to make and is such a fun way to retool vintage! (We also thought it might be fun to add birdcage material to a bouquet which we’ve shown as well!).

To make the wand, start with a painted dowel. Glue fabric trim around top of the wand. Cut large squares of your birdcage material. One piece at a time, fold all four corners to the center, gather from underneath, and sew together, then sewing each layer to the trim. It should take about 4-5 layers to complete. We finished the wand off by adding some rhinestone trim and a vintage earring.

(P.S. If you love the wand and don’t want to do it yourself, this one is available for purchase!)

I hope you enjoyed some of the ideas! Hopefully, if you received birdcage materials from Hitched, you’ll think up something great to do with it!


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6 responses to “DIY Birdcage!

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  2. this is a lovely post. love the colors as well.

  3. Fantastic ideas! Now we can all make our our bespoke brooches! Love it!

  4. Such creative ideas plus love the look of them!! Can’t wait to for the new site as I know it will be so great!!

  5. Love the ear rings..what a pretty antique looking color.

  6. Kassie

    I love the idea. I’m wondering where I could find those earrings.

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