Engaged: Will and Brandi

Whew! This week has been super busy (oh wait…it’s only Tuesday?). We’re getting geared up for Hitched…are you coming? I’d love to meet some Grey readers! I also have a really special DIY project for you coming up on Friday, so get ready for some goodies.

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you Will and Brandi’s engagement session shot by the fabulous photographer,  Kaysha Weiner. My words really can’t do better than Kaysha and Brandi, so I thought I’d let them give the intro:

Brandi and Will are getting married in Lake Arrowhead in October, so we planned their engagement shoot to go well with the look and feel of their wedding. The whole theme is particularly sentimental for Brandi, who told me, “As a kid, I remember some of my happiest moments with my family being while we were on camping trips together. There’s just something really comforting about the smell of pine, campfires, and chili dogs–the perfect camping food–that takes me way back to my more adventurous years.”

I hope you enjoy these killer images! Did I mention it’s almost fall? Tomorrow is the first official day and now this session has really got me ready to break out some fall decorations and sweaters!


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17 responses to “Engaged: Will and Brandi

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  2. you find the most amazing shoots… absolutely love this!

  3. I love this shoot! I think every girl wants to be whisked away camping after they get engaged!!

  4. i have the sudden urge to throw on a flannel shirt. love this feature!

  5. Thanks again to the amazing Kaysha Weiner for making our dream engagement shoot a reality!! She really captured Will & I like nobody else could. We will cherish these photos FOREVER! 🙂

  6. wow what a gorgeous set of photos!! love these!

  7. I love all camping engagement sessions! Camping with your honey is the best – why not make it your esession.

  8. LOVE this! so country! makes me want to go camping 🙂

  9. So excited to have this shoot featured!! Thanks again Summer, you rock!!

  10. Braedon

    Looks super good!

  11. pretty photos! i like the ones with the tent~

  12. love the ones of their feet outside of the blanket.

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  14. Amanda

    I’m about 95% sure that her blue dress here is the same one Rachel wears in the Glee season premier. Too funny!

  15. Love the perspective of these shots. The sweetness of love is captured perfectly!

  16. Yes, that is the exact same dress!!! :]

  17. Jerico

    I love these shots!!!!

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