Engaged: Love in a Field

When you see this engagement session, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me that Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography pretty much owns it when it comes to engagement sessions. I can’t get enough of all the beautiful warm light in this session…of course a cutie couple and super fun scenery helps as well! I hope you love this session as much as I do! Extra special thanks to Hunter for sharing this session just with us!



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18 responses to “Engaged: Love in a Field

  1. Elizabeth

    I LOVE Hunter’s work! He is truly the most talented and creative photographer I’ve ever seen!

  2. Hunter has an awesome style; he had people talking very, very quickly. I love following his work.

  3. amazing e-shoot…especially the warm lighting

  4. Marlene

    OMG!!!! These are incredable!!!! Truely the best I’ve seen!

  5. Alice

    Unbelievable! Hunter really takes the essence of the couple and surrounds them with objects that not only make the picture interesting but also tells a story. Look closely and you can create several different tales of love, adventure and hope. Good luck with your future endeavors Hunter!

  6. Brooke

    Hunters work is very unique. One that you don’t see in an everyday photoshoot, which is what people want to see. These are the best photos I have come across in a long time. The angles, lighting, color contrasts, and of course the couple, make for an amazing shot! Hunter seems to be a very talented professional photographer and I cannot wait to see more of his work. Best wishes to Hunter and all of his endeavors.

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  8. SNTK

    He is good at what he does and has amazing photos and angles!! LOVE LOVE LOVE his vintage style!!

  9. Kenya

    I had the privilage of getting Hunter to do a newborn session of my baby boy before he got so HUGE & now is concentrating on weddings. My photos were amazing & I LOVED them!! Love these too! Hunter has an amazing talent & has a great personality too!

  10. RolandaKnight

    Genius. Love the session.

  11. Jill

    Speechless! Wow! That’s all I can say.

  12. so funny and sweet! but why they are so sad on these pictures?

  13. brittlee

    I don’t think they’re sad. They’re in love. It’s an intimate photo shoot. That’s the beauty of it.

  14. Beth R.

    Wonderful and well-thought out photo session, Leans more toward “art” than just a photo shoot! I truly believe we will be hearing much more from this young “artist” in the very near future. Thank you for sharing them with us. Also, I love GLW site!!!

  15. HUNTER!!!!!!! these are absolutely AMAZING i am so proud of you its crazy that we went from taking picts on your trampoline with shadows in the background and now your taking professional vintage shots! im impressed and i know that three nails is only going to get bigger and better!

  16. Jordan Elledge

    I love the picture they look great girl!

  17. Carol H.

    I love the Vintage look about these Photo’s. It is like watching a movie about a couple traveling Life’s Road. 🙂 VERY nice work.

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