Hitched Giveaway

Today I wanted to share with you who else we have the privilege of featuring at our Hitched Alternative Bridal Fashion Show.

Please meet Michelle Rahn:

I wanted to showcase a designer who creates beautiful feminine gowns, but with a little bit of twist to them. I can’t wait for you to see the rest of Michelle’s collection and the gowns we’ll be featuring in the show! Her work is just gorgeous yet just a little unexpected! So, are you dying to see what Hitched is going to be all about? WELL…

If you are planning on going to Hitched, but haven’t bought your ticket, today might be your lucky day! I’m giving away one free ticket…so be sure to leave your name in the comments and I’ll announce our winner tomorrow morning. Good luck!


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21 responses to “Hitched Giveaway

  1. emily f.

    Ooh! I would LOVE to go to Hitched! 😉

  2. I would love to go to Hitched! I’m a little North of LA, but the wedding inspiration is limited here compared to there. Excitement!!!!

  3. Ursula M.

    I live in LA and really would love to go!! I am getting married next summer 🙂

  4. I’ve been avoiding the bridal porn… or at least trying (mostly trying and failing) and mainstream bridal show but Hitched looks really fun + inspiring, would LOVE to go and check out some of the unique offerings.

  5. vi nguyen

    Pick me!

  6. oooh i think hitched is gonna be such an awesome event…i would love to go!!

  7. Kylie

    I would love to go to the Hitched Bridal Show! Please pick me!

  8. i am definitely planning on going!!! a free ticket would be amazing! thank you.

  9. kenny

    my fiancee and i would love to go! thank you!

  10. I love her designs. I shot a wedding in June and the bride wore the dress shown above on the bottom left. It was stunning!

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  12. Chelsea

    Last minute entry. 🙂

  13. Chelsea

    Actually, scratch that. I live too far away and wouldn’t have money to fly at the moment. Give it to someone else.

  14. Corbett Grace

    Please pick me! I have been meaning to buy my ticket for so so so long! I am dying to go to this event! The second I looked at the logo design I knew it was the place for me! I went to a bridal expo a few weekends ago and nothing there was our taste, but Hitched is our taste! My fiance is a wedding designer/photographer so he is holding the bar pretty high!

  15. Becca

    I would be honored to go!(: It would mean a great deal for me!

  16. Emily R.

    Please pick me!! My wedding is coming up in April & I need some inspiration! GreyLikesWeddings is the first blog I visit every morning, Love IT! Hitched here I come!!

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