Couples Profiled: Paris

We’re getting ready to wrap up honeymoon week tomorrow and I must say, I’ve really got travel fever! Today, we’re profiling couples, and matching destinations with their personalities. To spice it up a bit, we’ve matched up a few wardrobe ideas to go with each destination. Hopefully you’ll have as much fun imagining yourself there as we did coming up with all these ideas. Our first destination is Paris. Here’s Katie to tell you more:

A lot of couples that contact me don’t know where they want to go for their honeymoon.  They have an idea of the types of things they will want to do, but don’t know which destination would be best.  This is really fun for me!  I love learning about couples and then suggesting honeymoon options for them.  Today we’ll feature descriptions of a few couples, and the honeymoon I would suggest for them.


…You share a love of great food, wine and meeting new people. She loves photography and he loves architecture. You want to spend the first few days relaxing and unwinding from your wedding, and then you want to explore beautiful new places together…


Start in Eze France, which is a gorgeous small medieval town located between in the South of France.  You can spend a few days relaxing and indulging in great food and wine, and then take day trips to explore nearby towns such as Nice and Monte Carlo.

Stay at the incredibly charming Cap Estel Hotel in Eze.  Relax in total luxury while being surrounded by the Mediterranean.  This hotel is very private and secluded, offers both an infinity pool and a private beach, and even has its own park with gardens.

While exploring the coast in the south of France, we love these looks:

FOR HER: Hat. Shirt dress. Earrings. Ring. Sunglasses. Sandals. Leather tote.

FOR HIM: Shirt. Shorts. Sunglasses. Topsiders. Sportcoat.

After some relaxation along the French coastline, take the train up to Paris and stay at Le Pavillion de la Reine Hotel.  This area of Paris is filled with boutiques, small cafes, French bakeries, and small winding streets.

The hotel is located right on Place des Vosges which is a quaint, quiet square that feels really private, despite being in the heart of the Marais District.

It is impossible to deny the romance that is Paris.  Indulge in crepes, have a picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens, and catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower sparking at night.

Love the idea of heading to Paris? Here’s what we’d love to see Parisian honeymooners in:

FOR HER: Pea Coat. Tank. Skirt. Panama Hat. Necklace. Ring. Shoes. Tote.

FOR HIM: Crew Neck Tee. Cardigan. Watch. Denim. Boots. Messenger Bag. Sunglasses.

Check back later today! We’ve got two more couples and two more breathtaking destinations!



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9 responses to “Couples Profiled: Paris

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  2. aubrey

    love. love. LOVE! your outfits that go along with each destination. i am leaving in less than one week for the amalfi coast and i need all the help i can get. 5 days in capri, 5 days in positano, 2 days in rome. i need an outfit itinerary pah! lease!

  3. Grey

    Oh my gosh! Aubrey that sounds like so much fun! What a spectacular trip. Well, we’re all about the layers! We’ve got a few more outfits coming at you later today, so be on the look out! Also, check out for more outfits that you can possibly imagine!

  4. Abbey

    This is so perfect – I have been a longtime reader and just returned from my honeymoon last night.

    Guess where we went? Nice & Eze and Paris. We also stayed at Pavillion de la Reine (the coincidence is amazing!) and can heartily recommend it 🙂

    Thanks for reminding me again of what an incredible two weeks we have just enjoyed!

  5. Grey

    Oh my gosh!!! How fun! It’s so great to know you went and loved it!

  6. Oh Abbey that is so funny! Isn’t that area of Paris amazing? I love all of the small cafes, pastry shops and boutiques!

    I am so glad that you had such a great time on your honeymoon!

  7. Abbey

    I’m slow responding – but you guys, it

    Here are some pics from our fab time:

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Grey

    Love it! Thanks for sharing Abbey! Your trip looked amazing!

  9. I love the fact that you pair outfits with the destination! So fun to look at, if only I could survive sightseeing in heels… alas, the search for cute, comfortable flats continues!

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