New Orleans Honeymoon

The always flawless Jose Villa and Joy Thigpen recently put together a honeymoon photo shoot in New Orleans. It is so insanely gorgeous, that I just HAD to republish and share it with you here. The shoot is just SO perfect for honeymoon week. Special thanks to Jose for sharing his work with us. It is always an honor.



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10 responses to “New Orleans Honeymoon

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  2. Such talent! These images capture the energy of New Orleans and the models couldn’t be more attractive. Lovely.

  3. Yessss. Saw this on Style Me Pretty awhile back, and it’s still as beautiful as ever! So inspiring!

  4. Great to see our country here at your blog
    If you go to Málaga you CANNOT miss one of the bests tapas restaurants EVER
    The owner of “la moraga” has 1 michelin star
    I still remember what we ate when we when there, gorgeous

  5. Grey

    Ooooh. Thanks for the tip, Laura!

  6. thanks for the sweet words! oh, and weddingsnpretty, this is a real couple–not models–though i think they could be, don’t you?!

  7. Grey

    Say it isn’t so!!! A real couple!? I’m dying!

  8. Arghhh!! Gorgeousness! I die!

  9. Beautiful pictures. New Orleans looks like great fun.

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