Unique Destination: Croatia

I’m SO excited to have honeymoon week here on Grey Likes Weddings. I’ve brought in an expert–Katie of Ever After Honeymoons–to make sure I show you some of the best ideas we could possibly think up. We’re going a little out of the Hawaii box…and though I love Hawaii, I thought we’d feature some great places that you haven’t heard or thought of yet. I also know that if your man is planning the honeymoon, you may need to email him some links this week. Speaking of planning, Katie’s unique travel service is actually free of charge. Believe it or not, planning your honeymoon with a personal travel agent can be fairly close to the same price as online discount websites. Only Katie offers personal attention…Has Expedia ever called your hotel to get you an upgrade on behalf of your honeymoon?

Today’s focus is on unique destinations and we’re starting off with Croatia. In addition to some killer hotels, Katie will also bring you some restaurant recommendations from a culinary concierge. Be sure to check back later today. I’ve got a sneak peek of our Hitched alternative fashion show as well as another really great unique destination from Katie.

Please give Katie a warm welcome!

I’m so thrilled to be sharing some really great honeymoon destinations this week! For today’s focus, I wanted to share with you a few destinations that are very out-of-the-box, yet absolutely perfect for a honeymoon! This brings us to Croatia. When people think of a romantic European beach honeymoon, Croatia isn’t the first country that comes to mind.  But with the 3,600 miles of beach and more than 1,100 islands, it makes an incredible honeymoon destination.

First up, here are a few great images of the area.

While I wouldn’t recommend renting a car in most European countries, I do in Croatia.  Public transportation isn’t as developed as in many other European countries, so having a car is the best way to explore the country.

Here’s what I would recommend for the ideal trip. Start your honeymoon in Zagreb.  Live like King and Queens at the Regent Esplanade Hotel which was built in the 1920’s and has kept the original look to it, while still adding some modern luxuries.

Then visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is an inland forest, filled with waterfalls and turquoise lakes.

From there, drive south to Split and then take a ferry out to the island of Hvar. Stay at the super swanky Adriana Hotel.  With the sleek modern design, spa and rooftop pool deck, this is the perfect base for your time in Hvar.

Take the ferry back to Split, and then take the scenic drive along to coast to Dubrovnik.  Stay at the Radisson Blu Resort, which is perched over the water, and a perfect place to end your Croatian Honeymoon.

For restaurant recommendations, welcome Carrie from Citineraries!

Citineraries is a Culinary Concierge and Epicurean Experiences company based in Los Angeles. Founder & Foodie Carrie Jablonow designs and dishes out appetite advice and gourmet goodies for individuals, families and corporations. Carrie ensures her clients priorities & preferences are expertly reserved & perfectly served by the world’s Top Chefs. For further information contact: citineraries@gmail.com

Regent Esplanade is home to four outstanding restaurants. Enjoy a fabulous view of the Fountain Park from Zinfandel’s, sample a regional pastry Esplanade Struckli in Le Bistro or dine al fresco on the Oleander Terrace. No need to leave the palatial property to treat your taste-buds.



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4 responses to “Unique Destination: Croatia

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  2. srdjana

    For a honeymoon, I would not recommend any of the Sunčani Hvar hotels – loaded with tourists. Go native and stay in a self-catering apartment in Komiža, Vis – or stay in luxury on Brač at:


  3. Tourists staying at a hotel? No way 🙂

    Vis and Brac are both great islands as well. All of my clients that have visited Croatia have returned saying that Hvar was their favorite island. If couples have more time for their honeymoon I add a stay in Vis and Brac as well.

    Thanks for the hotel suggestion!

  4. salie

    i second hvar but also recommend a visit to Opatija and Pula – so pretty

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