Real Wedding: Nikki and Dave

Photographer Karen Wise sent over images of this simple Hawaiian wedding and I was smitten. People often think a destination wedding means ridiculous amounts of planning and the inconvenience of a 2000 mile barrier between you and coordinator. However, destination weddings are quite the opposite. They seems to be more relaxed, and supremely focused on friends, family and the celebration of love. Vacation AND a wedding? I love it!

Karen Wise (who just got engaged herself!) has offices on both the West and East Coasts. I LOVE her style, so now, of course, I’ve added her to my list of photographers for my wedding.



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3 responses to “Real Wedding: Nikki and Dave

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  2. beautiful photography! the colors are just so amazingly vibrant!

  3. What a beautiful wedding! I feel relaxed just looking at the photos 🙂

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