Real Wedding: Inga and Scott

Photographer Tyler Branch sent over this lovely wedding and I’m delighted to share it with you. Two of my favorite things about Inga and Scott’s wedding: Wayfarer’s Chapel. It really is just so breathtaking. And Inga’s bouquet. I’m just a sucker for beautiful flowers. Special thanks to Tyler for sharing some of the stunning simplicity of their day!



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15 responses to “Real Wedding: Inga and Scott

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  2. The chapel looks absolutely stunning in the photos. All the best to you both!

  3. the images are so soft – wonderful lighting! and so romantic – super sweet couple! thanks for sharing this one warmed my heart.

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  5. Love his photography and this wedding is so simple and beautiful!

  6. love that chapel! and her sash is so beautiful!

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  8. Hannah

    Her dress is incredible! Does anyone know where she bought it?? It’s my dream wedding dress, and I haven’t been able to find something like it anywhere. Help!

  9. Grey

    Hey Hannah! I’m working on finding out who the designer is! I’ll let you know as soon as I hear!

  10. Grey

    Hey Hannah! The dress was made by J.Crew and she added on the belt that was purchased from a bridal store. Hope that helps!

  11. lisa

    i’m getting married in october and have been looking for the perfect sash to accessorize my dress…..looks like Inga found it. any chance you could let me know where she bought it? thank you!!!

  12. Grey

    Hi Lisa! Inga got her sash at a local bridal salon. I’ll work on finding out the designer if I can!

  13. Lauren

    I have also been searching what seems like the entire internet for the perfect sash and this is it! Please post when you find out where or how to purchase it! Or if the bride is willing to part with it. Thanks!

  14. Inga

    Hi Lisa and Lauren – I had my sash custom made at a bridal salon called Erin Cole in Costa Mesa. I absolutely loved it and I don’t think I could part with it, BUT you could have it made too and they have several options to choose from.

    And JCrew is the best for wedding dresses especially if you want to add your own personal touch… like a sash!;)

    Thanks to all for all the wonderful comments 🙂

  15. Grey

    Yay! Thanks Inga for chiming in and for letting us share your gorgeous day!

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