Atlas & Campbell Weds

Aubrey Atlas of the uber fabulous stationery team Atlas & Campbell recently wed her dapper beau, Nick, in a wedding that is just absolutely stunning. Of course, you can’t expect any less from a vendor in the industry…especially when it’s someone as crazy talented as Aubrey! Her wedding (along with a really great description and ALL the vendor details) was featured on Style Me Pretty, but I couldn’t resist sharing a few extra photos that weren’t featured. To see more, be sure to check out the SMP feature…it’s totally worth the click!!!

Abby Ross took these GORGEOUS images…so get ready to eat your heart out!



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10 responses to “Atlas & Campbell Weds

  1. Gosh that Chandelier is utterly stunning! And such lovely use of the sunset – looks a lovely day.

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  4. love the different bridesmaid dresses. yay for bringing back the classic elegant feel.

  5. kerry

    does anyone know where those planters are from? the silver ones w/ the succulents?

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  7. Absolutely stunning! That venue is gorgeous!

  8. AnnouKK

    my god what a dress! gorgeous!

  9. yay for bringing back the classic elegant feel.

  10. Christina

    I love the white flower-like half circle in the ceremony picture. Does anyone know if those were made or purchased? I’d love to do something like that for my wedding coming up in May.

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