Abstract Expressionists

If you haven’t checked out the new stamp scene, you may not know about the new “Abstract Expressionists” stamps that are newly available. If you are a modern bride and looking to stamp your invites with a little pop, definitely check these out. They are over-sized and really lovely in person. The full sheet has a variety of options:

I love the close-up of the Jackson Pollok:

The always fabulous Peggy Wong of Blue Pool Road used the Barnett Newman for our Snippet and Ink invites. I LOVE the pop of color:



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5 responses to “Abstract Expressionists

  1. I used them for my save the dates and they looked great with our gold envelopes. Just be careful, the Pollock and one other are HUGE.

  2. Grey

    Oh! So glad to hear! Yeah…they would definitely be a little big for a smaller envelope…RSVPs for example! Too bad you can’t pick your favorites and buy only those! 🙂 Thanks, Shayna for the tip!

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  5. I was just going to say the same thing as Shayna, my friend used them for her Save the Dates (she’s an art history student) and half of them are really big for smaller envelopes. I was helping her address them and good thing I tried out one of the stamps cause I had to move the writing way to the left to fit them.

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