Summery Pretties

Y’all… I love the south. I would also LOVE to be able to say y’all on a regular basis without sounding like a poser, but alas, I’m a California girl that sounds absolutely ridiculous trying to say “Chawwwl-stun” (Charleston) with a southern lilt. I just can’t do it…try as I might. But I’ve had a fabulous time out here. Our photo shoot went really great yesterday, as we spent the entire day chasing around locations and good light. We were up at 4am and went until after sunset. It was a spectacular day and I’m really excited about seeing our images!

Today, I’m bringing you some goodies from Postcards and Pretties, one of my favorite inspirational blogs. I think her inspiration board, “Here Comes the Summer” is perfect for today 1) because I can’t get enough of this palette and 2) because I’ll be up heading to the airport at 4am. AGAIN. So I thought I’d send y’all (I’m trying not to make a habit of it…I swear) on over to a fellow inspiration finder, Postcards and Pretties for a little summertime snack (and image credits)!


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9 responses to “Summery Pretties

  1. Hints of grapefruit, popsicles, and a buttercream cake? I absolutely love all of those things! Great ideas for summer.

  2. thanks summer for the love!! have a safe trip!

  3. Love this board and all of Chris’s boards for that matter!!

  4. hope you are having fun despite the early wake-up!

    love chris’ inspiration boards always.

  5. LOVE these colors! went to dinner last night & the restaurant’s white sangria would look beautiful on this gorgeous inspiration board (white wine with peaches, lemon grass & kiwi) YUM!

  6. I happen to love your southern draw but seeing as you are heading home at before day in the morning you had better use it as often as you can because you are right, you’ll stick out like a sick puppy speaking like that in California.

  7. Chris never fails to inspire!! Just love all of her boards…and who doesn’t love summer?


  8. Savanna

    Well, we sure do love it when folks fall in love with the South! As an Alabama girl myself, you have my full permission to say y’all as often as you wish. 😉

    Lovely board!

  9. loving the colors in this inspiration board! have a great weekend!

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