Real Wedding: Kelly and Michael

Kelly and Michael’s wedding shot by Desi Bayton is so unique and refreshing! Desi has some really beautiful imagery…I’m loving the old world feel, and I ADORE the Fitzgerald-esque tux that Michael is wearing. I also don’t normally post lots of images of ceremonies, but I couldn’t help sharing these…I just love all the gorgeous tradition involved in Michael and Kelly’s wedding. So lovely!

I know there are lots of you out there desperate to see ballroom weddings…and I think this one is exemplary! Thanks again to Desi for sending it over!



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10 responses to “Real Wedding: Kelly and Michael

  1. Love that their table names are authors!

  2. loving the grand feel of the ceremony!

  3. Awesome. Everything is just so beautiful. I really like the brides parasol. It added a really nice touch the photos.

  4. Beautiful wedding. Desi and Connie are amazing to work with. And they always do professional and high quality work. Thanks for sharing this with us! Nice job Desi and Connie!

  5. Ali

    Hi Kelly,

    I have a similar dress that was worn by my grandmother and mother, and I’m having the seamstress replace the lace and change the neckline slightly before my wedding in October. I’ve been looking for a dress like yours that I could use as an example – do you have any other photos you could provide that show the dress better?

    Your wedding is beautiful!


  6. wooooooow the crowns!

  7. Melissa

    I absolutely love her dress. Who is the designer?? Thanks!! ❤

  8. Kelly

    Hi Ali – It’s so lovely and unique that you are going to wear your mother’s and grandmother’s dress! My dress is actually quite similar to what my mom wore in her wedding. Poring over my parents’ wedding photos when I was little must have made an impression. =-) If you google Casablanca Bridal 1942, you should be able to find some additional images of the dress. Best wishes! ~ Kelly

  9. Ali

    Thanks so much Kelly! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  10. Both are looking gorgeous…I like her wedding dress….And also i like the all wedding decoration

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