Engaged: Anna and Jaret

This session sent over to me by Anjuli of Photorange Photography takes place at a super creative location. Anna and Jaret decided to shoot everything in an unfinished Italian villa. I love how it sort of symbolically relates to the idea of beginnings and building a new life together. I hope these shots spark some creative ideas for you!


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7 responses to “Engaged: Anna and Jaret

  1. I love this shoot! Perfect and cozy 🙂 and her dress is sooo adorable!

  2. Sam

    What a wonderful integration of symbol and image – I really loved the unfinished feel, the bathtub images also struck me as having a very cool interest. Great work!

  3. Amira

    I love it! I also checked out the photographer’s blog….amazing!

  4. wanida

    these pictures speak of simplistic elegance. i love the look, the light, the love. all beautiful.

  5. These pictures are just too gorgeous. Love the tones, love the symbolism. Exactly what engagement photos should be!

  6. Love the simple nature of this shoot! Just Beautiful!

  7. I have no words to describe this How romantic. lovely home with sweet couple.

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