Engaged: Molly and Donovan

Photographer Windy Dougall had the chance to shoot Molly and Donovan’s engagement session in Palm Springs at the Ace Hotel. I love all the great scenery and really recommend you taking a trip out to the Ace (if you haven’t already been).


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23 responses to “Engaged: Molly and Donovan

  1. these are so cute! i wish i could go to the ace hotel right about now!!!

  2. hk

    ugh i’m SO sick of seeing the trendy ace hotel on every frigging wedding blog. there are a billion other places in the world that are prettier and more unique!

  3. Heather

    What hk said. My cottage has more character than that place.

  4. love the shot of them throwing confetti!

  5. Grey

    Hey Heather and HK.

    I agree with you that the ACE is a super trendy place to go to right now. So in the sense that everyone goes there, I feel you. But just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean that the Ace itself isn’t unique. The hotel is like no other hotel out there and I think that’s the draw.

    Also, realize that as an editor of a blog, I’m reliant on real people, (real people with real feelings) to be willing to share images from personal moments in their lives. I know I’ve said this before, but remember that blogs do their best to be ahead of the trends and feature as new and as fresh content as possible, however, not everyone reads wedding blogs. Most people in the regular world would probably be blown away by the couple’s creative choices. Remember that trends on blogs are still ahead of what most people are doing, so it’s a bit of a catch 22. We want super new ideas, but most people look to us for those ideas, but we get our material from these same people. Does that make sense?

    So, thank you for your honest feelings about the Ace. I know I can’t blow every reader away with every single post (though I really wish I could!). I think my point in featuring this session is that the idea of shooting your engagement session at a hotel, instead of in front of a tree or on the beach, is a great thought. There are tons of killer hotels out there, so it should spark some creative juices. Hopefully. That’s the idea, anyway.

  6. Love your response, Summer! Couldn’t be more spot-on {at least from a fellow wedding blogger’s perspective}! And trendy or not, I think it’s a beautiful shoot! :o) xox.

  7. Wow, I think it looks fantastic, and really, as long as the couple love it, who cares how trendy it is?? Just enjoy the images!

  8. The focus is on the couple. The background just adds to them! I love the composition of the photos and I think they are beautiful. Everyone can shoot at the same place and have completely different photos! I love it

  9. I love this adorable shoot and heart the Ace. I do get that we see a lot of the Ace but there is a reason for that..b/c it is unique and fun!

  10. I love the confetti and polaroid shot

  11. They are freaking adorable so who cares where they shot it??? Maybe the Ace has special meaning to them or maybe they just like the way it looks but either way what is the point of dumping on their decision. This is about their love and new life together. I hope that they are not offended by the haters and cherish these photos for years to come. They are gorgeous!

  12. Meg

    These are so cute!! The Ace is such a great hotel for shoots- beautiful decor, yummy outdoor light, why fix it if it ain’t broke? Images are about our clients – this tells me a lot about this couple and I am thrilled that they shared their creativity and whimsical spirit with us all!

  13. Trendy or not, I am still dying to go see the ACE hotel myself and love the glimpse this couple and you have given us with their e-session. I think the idea of shooting your e-session at a hotel is totally unique and love their outfit choices! Every time they visit this hotel, it will remind them of their engagement, which is super special. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Grey

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts! I got a ton of Twitter response as well. I appreciate that the comments bring up the discussion about trends… Yes, we all want to be creative and original, but it’s often pretty subjective. Glad to be able to share with you beautiful images that whether or not they reflect some sort of trend most of you still appreciate them.

  15. Love Molly & Donovan! Good friends and we helped plan their adorable wedding. LOVE them and the Ace. 🙂 Great job WINDY!

  16. Grey

    Awww…Thanks Ashlyn! I saw a sneak peek of a wedding pic on Windy’s blog and I’m already loving it!!!

  17. i dont care if its apparantly too ‘trendy’ its super duper cute!

  18. Hey it’s a super cute shoot! You never know the story behind the location!!! Maybe they met there and it’s a perfect place for them!!

  19. I agree, something may be “trendy” but still really reflect the couple’s personal style or their story. The shoot is adorable, regardless.

  20. LOVE the images! NOT loving the haters on here!

    Your work really is fantastic. Being a photographer has everything to do with making our clients happy. If we knock it out of the park from a “trend” standpoint, then that’s a bonus.

    Great work!

  21. Thank you Grey, for featuring Molly & Donovan’s engagement shoot, and thank you to everyone for your very honest comments. The most important part to me, as a photographer, is making beautiful images that Molly & Donovan will cherish for years to come. It’s all about their love for one another, and as Meg wrote, “they shared their creativity and whimsical spirit with us all”, and that in itself, is so generous of them.

  22. Lex

    They look good together! Such a very adorable couple! This is just perfect to end my day.

    Good night Grey!

  23. Donovan and Molly look amazing! I had a great time at the Ace for their wedding and I think it’s a perfect backdrop for photos!

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