DIY Friday!

First, let me say how incredibly excited I am that so many of you participated in the survey. It really means so much to me that you took a moment to answer  questions about your experience here. You are helping me better gear Grey Likes content toward what you want most. I’m planning on sharing much of the findings with you, however, we are busy tabulating and compiling data. I’ve also got a really great little addition that I’m throwing into our survey giveaway to sweeten the pot, but I’m waiting until Monday to share it with you. I promise, it’ll be good. So if you haven’t yet taken the survey, get into it, would you?

Speaking of survey, what I can say with certainty is that an overwhelming majority of you want are more DIY projects! So, ask and you shall receive. I’ve gathered a few ideas here that at first glance, may not seem like DIY projects, but I’m going to go ahead break it down for you, DIY style.

First up: Vintage stamps above from Blue Bell Bazaar. If you are making handmade save the dates, I think these little suckers could be a really cute way to print out the date. Check out this postcard and a full DIY how-to by Lauren Elise Craft as an example:

Next, bunting above via Mary Ruffle. Yes, bunting is everywhere. All the cool kids are doing it. And you wanna be cool, but you don’t want to be the same as everyone else. Well, I think this nautical style bunting is a nice little twist. The shape in particular is a little different from the triangles that I’ve been seeing.  It’s all about mixing it up and adding your own spin. Here’s a bunting DIY how-to, along with another example of some unique shaped bunting from Purl Bee:

Third: Chalkboard menu above by Karen Mordechai of  Sunday Suppers. For a fabulous chalkboard DIY how-to check out Joy de Vivre, who also put together this gorgeous board, with credits here.

Even more goods coming. For reals. I’m killing you with DIY today. Your fingers will be all sore and bloody by the time you report back in on Monday morning.

The doily garland above via Mary Ruffle (I’m obsessed with her tumblr blog, if you can’t tell!)  is a little twist too. I’ve never seen it done like this and I absolutely ADORE it mixed in with lights. Don’t you? Looks like it involves white twinkle lights, heart shaped doilies, and tape. Need I say more?

Next up are the tin can centerpiece containers. What I like about the ones above is the twist in color. DIY projects are all over the internets about these guys…but take note of the really great copper color that isn’t painted on perfectly. I really love it. But, if you’re not into the copper paint, there’s always tea tins, like these ones shot by Jose Villa:

And last up is the cinder block centerpiece by Kelly Harris of Yes, Please Design. She’s gone and taken an ugly cinder block and turned it into a really modern, affordable little DIY centerpiece AND table number. And of course, it’s insanely cute. I love it! Check out her DIY how-to here!

So are you stoked or what? I just dropped 6 (ish) DIY projects in one post. Boom.


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12 responses to “DIY Friday!

  1. Haha yess, so much DIY I love it! Chalkboards are one of my faves, they remind me of fancy Parisian cafes. And until recently I had no idea how simple they are to make! I’m also loving the save the date postcards…I need to get me some cute stamps!

  2. OMG!! The heart doily (sp?) with the twinkle lights garland is amazing!!!

  3. Love that cinder block centerpiece! So creative.

  4. Very Stoked. This post takes me back to elementary school; fingerpainting, paperdolls and doily valentine’s for mom. Thanks Grey!

  5. muah! thanks for showing cinder blocks some love! xo

  6. I absolutely love the heart doilies and lights garland. It is so beautiful and romantic.

  7. Thanks Summer for featuring my postcard stamp picture! The text stamp & date stamp are some of my favorite crafting accessories…you can do so much with them and they have a great vintage, handmade look. I love all the other ideas too! I agree with everyone else, that cinder block centerpiece is amazing. What a great post. Thanks again!

  8. Lex

    Oooh. Thank you Grey! Sounds like Christmas!

  9. So much to look and an absorb but I’m loving this post! It’s just filled to the brim with inspiration : ) Bookmarking this one for sure…

  10. Mary

    By far, my fave!

  11. Some really great ideas here. Using a chalkboard for the menu is a great idea; especially when it’s so simple to make

  12. Stephanie

    Love! Love! Love these! I don’t even know which one to do first!! Can anyone tell me where I can find a word stamp? Thank you Grey! Keep the goodness coming!

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