Engaged: Jide and Temi

So, let’s start by discussing the obvious. Jide and Temi? Those names are so cool, they sound made up. And how did Jide find Temi? BOTH of their names are too cool. Anyhow. I digress.

This engagement session by Brookelyn Photography is at, of course, Grand Central Terminal, which is very significant for Jide and Temi because they both have spent so much time there. The couple has been suffering the unbearable burden of a long distance relationship for quite some time, so they thought a shoot at Grand Central would be a perfect setting for their engagement session. Yay for couples that survive long distance, right?! Congrats to Jide and Temi and thanks to Brookelyn Photography for sharing such pretties!


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7 responses to “Engaged: Jide and Temi

  1. Holli

    The first shot of them in the boat is amazing! Well all of the pictures are, what a beautiful couple

  2. this is really nice and natural.

  3. love the grand central pics!

  4. Love the luggage props at the train station..very classic cool!

  5. Fun engagement shoot. I love her Wellies!

  6. Love these pictures!

  7. I cannot stop staring because this girl is so beautiful. Amazing, glowing smile!

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