Engaged: Matt and Jeanette

This shoot was sent over to me by Hello Studios and the moment I saw it, I felt the need to email them back in ALL CAPS as many superlatives I could muster. Of course, it is particularly spectacular thanks to the incredibly creative talents of Lindye Galloway, who I just can’t get enough of! I’m told that Matt and Jeanette really wanted an engagement session that would scream “SUMMER!” and capture their love of the ocean and summertime activities. Mission accomplished!

Thanks to everyone for sharing!

P.S. Jeanette…that bathing suit? I need one, STAT!

UPDATE: The bathing suit is by Juicy Couture, which you can get HERE!!!


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16 responses to “Engaged: Matt and Jeanette

  1. I do not believe I have the confidence have many images of myself in a bathing suit, but these pictures make me think, maybe, just maybe, because oh look, they’re so wonderfully summery, and she looks super hot, and that swimsuit is to die for…so maybe, maybe I could.

  2. I LOVE this! I love the colors, and I love how she is wearing heels in that last picture. As someone who has spent a lot of time at the pool over her lifetime, I really appreciate when the pool look is glammed up. Great shoot!

  3. love! perfect for the summer.

  4. Amber

    Someone please tell me where to get that suit!

  5. Grey

    Hey Amber… I’m working on finding out where Jeanette got her suit! It is sooooo cute!!!!

  6. SOOOO fun! Totally screams summer, and Lindye is wicked talented!

  7. yes, please tell me where that suit was from… so cute!!!

  8. Aimee

    So adorable and sexy at the same time! Makes me want to re-do my E-pics!

  9. i’m amazed … and she looks FABULOUS! must be nice to sport a suit like that in a shoot like that!!!

  10. such a cute idea! 🙂 and i have that suit and LOVE it! 🙂

  11. Grey

    Dude…Shelly, I know. You wouldn’t catch me dead wearing a suit anywhere NEAR a camera!

  12. Love this and love her bombshell bathing suit! I must have it!

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  15. They are obviously a hot couple and the pictures complement their sensuality for each other. I love the idea of having the swimming pool as a backdrop for the photo shoot. Nice work!!!

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