Bribery…I mean Giveaway!

My dear Readers!

I’m desperate for your help. So desperate in fact, that I’ve come up with a really fabulous giveaway to bribe encourage you to help out. This encouragement is of course necessary because incidentally, only 1 out of about every 400 readers leaves a comment on Grey Likes. Can you believe that? You are, I realize, rather busy, and happily enjoy perusing your daily pretties in between the comings and goings of a bustling life. But today, I ask, I plea… I beg…

Image via Escapade via Design Lovely

As Grey Likes continues to grow it is all the more important to better understand who you are and what you love. If you are willing to take a quick survey, I’d be so grateful, in fact, that I’ve worked out an incentive.

In conjunction with Shabby Apple, we’re giving to one lucky survey taker any dress of her choice from Shabby Apple‘s collection. Shabby Apple has some really great dresses, many of which are vintage inspired. They also have a new line of bridesmaid dresses as well as maternity. So this is your chance to win a pretty little number for yourself, or someone you love. Loving the Bette D. and the Ingrid.

So, to win the dress, TAKE OUR SURVEY, and be entered in our giveaway. Also, if you TAKE OUR SURVEY, you’ll get the code for a 10% discount on any Shabby Apple purchase, so everyone gets a little something. Did I mention I want you to TAKE OUR SURVEY?? (Oh…and I’m gonna sweeten the pot. The giveaway gets even better on Friday, so look out!!!)

Come back at noon today…I’ve got the most amazing engagement session to share with you…I can’t wait for you to see it!

UPDATE: This survey is for you wedding professionals, photographers, bloggers and the like. I need your voice too!!!


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21 responses to “Bribery…I mean Giveaway!

  1. Only 1 huh, well here I am then!

  2. I’ve done the survey! Sorry I don’t comment. I will try to comment more. I read your blog every day via Google Reader!

  3. Love your posts Grey…I find so much inspiration here! 🙂

  4. survey done…I love those dresses!

  5. Julie

    Did the survey…. love the dresses; wanted to order one, but coupon code not working; I get an invalid coupon code

  6. bribery or giveaway. i’m there.

  7. rachel crisman

    Took the survey,not so bad!

  8. Grey

    Yay Rachel! See…it’s easy. Painless!!!

  9. Grey

    Oh…and it gets better! Wait until we sweeten the deal on Friday!

  10. Grey

    Make sure you type in greylikes and the 10 (the number 10) then OFF (O-F-F). I’m hoping that will clear it up. It’s a little confusing!

  11. Grey

    Haha! Thanks Elissa! You don’t HAVE to comment…I didn’t mean to guilt trip you! Thank you SO much for taking the survey!!!

  12. I took the survey. I will totally start commenting more… even if you didn’t bribe me.

  13. done 🙂 love your blog, grey!

    (and you flawlessly executed a proper bribe- those dresses are amazing.)

  14. Grey

    Awww…Thanks Tami! Comments are always so encouraging! 🙂

  15. Grey

    I know, right? Who doesn’t want a pretty dress?

  16. I did the survey. Holy moly I want a free dress! 🙂

  17. DONE. Thanks for the chance to win a Shabby Apple dress! You didn’t *have* to bribe me, but I’m glad you did. I hope you appreciate the feedback on the survey! xo!

  18. I did the survey lady! Also I just did a giveaway for the Ingrid dress to on my blog. =) Keep up the great your blog!!

  19. Ashley

    I just did the survey! I would love to win the La’Opera or the Ingrid Dress! Thanks for all of your beautiful posts and inspiring ideas.

  20. love your blog. everyday!

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