First Day of Summer

It is official! Today marks the FIRST day of Summer. The long list of summery goodness that I’m looking forward to is quickly growing as the weather warms up. In honor of the first day of summer, I’ve got an inspiration board here to kick us off. Just for fun, if you’re up to it, comment and share what you’re most looking forward to enjoying this summer!

Sources left to right, top to bottom: 1. Mary Ruffle 2. via Ryann Bosetti 3. Linky Lips 4. Mary Ruffle


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13 responses to “First Day of Summer

  1. Anonymous

    watermelon for breakfast and bright yellow nail polish (currently rocking OPI Need Sunglasses)!!

  2. swimming! i’d be swimming all day long every day if i could. love the water.

  3. I adore this. I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of beaches, sunglasses & bright bouquets this summer wedding season…and I LOVE that!

  4. HOORAY for summer! I’m so thrilled!

  5. Aimee

    My wedding!! But I’m also looking forward to summer dresses, flip flops, and barbecuing.

  6. the no more need for us ladies to cover up our gams in leggings and tights – they can now be free in flowy dresses and sandals – hooray!

  7. Yeah for Summer!! Such a great board!

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  9. Allison

    Lovely! I’m looking forward to blissfully celebrating my engagement. We’re off to a good start with a fun hike and picnic brunch with chocolate croissants and champagne yesterday!

  10. Grey

    Awww! All your plans sound great. And Allison…chocolate croissants and champagne? HEAVEN!

    As for myself, I’m really looking forward to quality beach time and being able to be warm…all the time. I’d like to squeeze in a day at some point where I spend the entire afternoon on a chaise lounge overlooking a sparkling pool with drink service at the ready. I also love weather that’s good enough to illicit outdoor meals at every opportunity. And never being without sunglasses seems to make it feel more like summer.

  11. i love summer because the pace of everything sort of slows down a bit. it’s as though the season strolls instead of flying by.

  12. I am so excited for this summer! I am most excited for my wedding and honeymoon (39 days to go!!)

  13. Grey

    Yeah Aileen! I know so many girls who actually forget to think about the fact that after all that planning is over, they get an awesome vacation!

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