Engaged: David and Laura

Photographer Sarah Shreves was kind enough to share this super fun engagement session. Laura’s dad let them use his airplane, which makes it that much more sentimental. How great is this bright yellow plane?


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12 responses to “Engaged: David and Laura

  1. so cool. I know this bride. She and her FI actually just got married 🙂

  2. great shoot i looooooove the plane

  3. I am LOVING the yellow plane! Definitely on my list of must-haves for when I grow up-along with the pygmy goats, gypsy vanner ranch, and home along the beach…

    Thanks so much for sharing these pics, gorgeous!

  4. These are too cute. I love engagement photos that are more upbeat and cheerful, and they don’t get happier than this!

  5. The colors are really striking 🙂

  6. Such an adorable shoot..love the yellow plane!!

  7. The bright yellow plane makes such a great prop for these lovely pictures!

  8. shrevesphotography

    thanks guys!! we had a blast doing the shoot. im kinda obsessed with color and secretly wish i was a pilot. thanks for all the comments.

  9. wow that plane is just perfect!

  10. This is so incredibly cute! I love it.

  11. I’m the bride in those photos – thanks so much for posting them! It was so exciting to come home from our honeymoon and see this post. And yeah, Sarah Shreves is basically the best.

  12. I just stumbled on your blog..and I am soooo glad I did! Love your style! I especially love this particular engagement shoot, awesome ‘location’ and the editing suits it so well!

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