Engaged: Lauren and Brian

I’ve got an afternoon delight for you today! This is Lauren and Brian, and their engagement session shot by Shannen Norman. How much do you love that they kept shooting in the rain? Braving the weather made for some really cinematic shots! Oh how I want this session to be mine…


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8 responses to “Engaged: Lauren and Brian

  1. WHOA. Oh my sand! AMAZING. Wow wow wow.

  2. oh i love the shots of them caught in the rain.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love this so much. So perfect!

  4. Love these! Brandon and I randomly met Lauren and Brian while thrift shopping last month. They are so sweet and just as cute in person as they are in photos!

  5. Grey

    Oh my gosh! It never ceases to amaze me how small our world is!

  6. These photos are spectacular! And the (perhaps unexpected) rain… it ended up being just perfect for the photos. Rain is so romantic.

  7. Wow, the photos are quite awesome. I love how the way the photographer captured the couple’s sweetness and romance under the rain. Not everyone is able to do that.Great shots!

  8. LOVE those shots in the rain! gorgeous

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