Elizabeth and Jake: Engaged

Elizabeth and Jake’s engagement session is particularly special because it incorporates Elizabeth’s great-grandmother and grandmother. Photographer Erin Jean explained:

Elizabeth’s grandma hand quilted a “wedding ring” quilt in the 1920’s for her future great-granddaughter.  That’s the quilt they are laying on.  They are also playing with her grandmother’s camera.  She was an amateur photographer and even started a photography club in Wisconsin long ago!

Wow! What an incredible gift from her great-grandmother! I think that incorporating personal elements and heirlooms like these are a very personal way to add meaningful details into your photographs. Special thanks to Erin Jean Photography for sending over such a beautiful shoot!


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5 responses to “Elizabeth and Jake: Engaged

  1. So cute! I never get sick of seeing books, old cameras, and empty frames as props. And it’s extra sweet that she was able to incorporate heirlooms from her family.

  2. That is so sweet. I love the sentiment behind this shoot, and that chair? Hello, gorgeous!

  3. Well, isn’t that just about the most charming thing you’ve ever seen. LOVE!

  4. That blue chair is the bomb! Lovvvveee it.

  5. love how they used her grandmother’s camera in this really cute session.

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