Victor Sizemore

I know you’ve seen a few sneaks of our desert shoot, but Victor Sizemore recently sent over his favorite shots from his mentor session that I styled, and you’ve just got to see more! I’m not only completely obsessed with our too-hot-for-words models, but also with Victor‘s work. Despite the consistent backgrounds, each image is unique and jaw dropping!

From the stylist perspective, this project was a HUGE undertaking. We’ve got rugs, living room furniture, an obnoxiously large coffee table (which at one point was under threat of a saw per its over-sized legs), antique chairs, a ladder, and more lighting gear than you’d care to imagine all set up out somewhere in the middle of the Nevada desert. The final result however was well worth the effort. My favorite scene ended up being our big pile of old porch chairs. Who knew that a few zip ties, a ladder, and a hot model in a ruffled dress could make chairs look so good?

Special thanks again to my friend Victor, who was really great to work with. He is endlessly patient and the most adventurous, down-to-earth, out-of-the-box photographer I’ve had the pleasure to work with. And he has great taste in food and bourbon. What’s more to ask for?

Hope you enjoy!



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9 responses to “Victor Sizemore

  1. love that dress. the bridal shoot is awesome. love the backdrop too.

  2. holy smokes! Those images are smokin! Love them! great styling!!

  3. The girl on the picture is very aggressive!…

  4. Amazing job – yeah for you! I could only imagine bringing all that stuff into the desert! Sounds like me when I pack for vacay. The styling an pictures are gorgeous. And that wedding dress is stunning. Love it.


  5. Love the shots and the photos look great with the desert as a backdrop. Brilliant idea from the photographer.

  6. This is so rad. What better way to celebrate your engagement than cocktails in the desert? Hah but I love that the couple made it unique and untraditional. It looks like a wedding I’d want to go to!

  7. holy moly! these are tremendous- they look like serious magazine spreads. the models are gorgeous, your styling is impeccable (as always), victor is brilliant and the images are HOT HOT HOT!

  8. Grey

    Aw! Thanks, Lauryl!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!! So dramatic and beautiful. And the styling is sublime!

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