Grey Likes Yellow (and Grey, of course)

I’m starting the week off with something a little simple, yet no less stunning. I’m so inspired by the grey bridesmaid dress shot by Stephanie Williams. It got me thinking I always appreciate when brides take great care to choose a bridesmaid dress that really is special and worth featuring.

Sources: 1. Stephanie Williams 2. Design Lovely 3. Flickr


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13 responses to “Grey Likes Yellow (and Grey, of course)

  1. grey and yellow is one of my favourite colour combinations, this is a gorgeous selection you’ve picked.


  2. I love that dress!! And grey and yellow together. Love love love.

  3. Stephanie

    Where is that bridesmaid dress from?

  4. LOVE that dress! and it is very hard to beat yellow and grey!…these are gorgeous photos!

  5. that dress is stunningly exquisite and grey and yellow happens to be one of my most favorite of color combinations. so so chic.

  6. Joanna

    Who makes that dress??!!

  7. Grey

    Workin on tracking down that dress for you gals.

  8. Stephanie

    The dress looks like it’s by Sarah Seven. She has an Etsy store. I ordered my wedding dress through her and it looks almost identical, just white 🙂

  9. i love yellow… always makes me happy!

  10. Just love this color combo! Great pics for inspiration too.


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  12. Chris Sands

    Did you find the source for the dress?

  13. Grey

    Hi Chris!

    Sorry…I’ve tried tracking down the designer but have had no luck! If anyone else knows, please share! It’s such a gorgeous gown!

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