Bright and Saucy

Here’s a pretty little board with my favorite colors pulled out. Love the delightful mix of perky brights and tailored neutrals!

Sources left to right, top to bottom: 1. Design Lovely 2. Domino Magazine (rip) 3. Kim Ficaro Stylist via Aubrey Road 4. Design Lovely


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8 responses to “Bright and Saucy

  1. Aww I miss Domino magazine…anyways, I love the bright colors of this board! The peonies and allium in the bottom left picture are awesome.

  2. Wow – I forgot all about Domino mag. Now that I remembered it – I miss it too (oh, and I love the colors)!

  3. oh how i miss domino mag. I wish there could’ve been some sort of petition to keep it’s pulse going. have a lovely weekend.

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  5. Grey

    Domino was such a devastating loss!!! I wish there was something it’s readers could have done. Perhaps when the economy gets stronger, they’ll bring it (or something similar) back to our newsstands!

  6. Oh I love love love these colors!

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