Engaged: Meleeneh and Argam

I feel so lucky that I get to share this engagement session with you. Erin Hearts Court Photography is such a rock solid duo, it seems everything they shoot is absolute perfection. Meleeneh and Argam are such a darling pair, what with their cutie pie ensembles and penant flags. Oh my goodness… check out these goodies shot at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden in Claremont. There are so many more amazing pictures over at Erin Hearts Court blog if these aren’t enough.


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7 responses to “Engaged: Meleeneh and Argam

  1. such a cute session by erin hearts court. they are such an amazingly talented team.

  2. *sigh* just so very pretty.

  3. this couple is cute enough to wrap up & take home!

  4. Love Erin’s work and love this shoot! One of my favs with the outfits and cut out heart and lemons so lovely!

  5. This is wonderful! The perfect example of how to use props without overkill.

  6. So cute! I agree, Erin Hearts Court always does lovely, lovely work.

  7. I love this couple’s style. Very beautiful and romantic. Killer red peep-toe shoes!

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