Engaged: Alexia and Luciano

I think after seeing this engagement session I could die a happy woman. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But honestly this shoot is as close to perfection as it gets. It’s rustic, it’s vintage, it’s not overdone. Studio EMP is responsible for all of this amazing glory. The vintage rentals are from Found, a really great new resource for all things vintage! I thought that I’d also include the couple’s engagement story as well, so check that below!

Hope you enjoy!

Alexia tells us their story: We met in little bar in Newport Beach. It was a random night and my cousin was here from London looking for “surfers,” I of course was looking for nothing but as soon as I saw Luciano walk into the bar I practically called “dibs.” I took stalker pictures of him around the bar and he soon came over to talk to me. Turns out we lived in the same neighborhood and we felt an instant connection. We soon realized that the other was something we’d been looking for; same family values, culture, dark hair and eyes! We grew to love each other and our families connected over our international similarities. His family from Argentina and Spain and mine from London (Greek); we both love family, good food, wine, traveling and music. He proposed on October 2, 2009 on Newport Beach at 52nd st. He’s been surfing every day since he was 4 so that is his spot, but also where he ultimately wants to teach our kids to surf one day. He took me for a walk on the beach at sunset and proposed in a bed of roses surrounded by candles.  I found out he had gone to my parents a few days prior to ask for my hand in marriage, yet another reason I love him, so traditional and respectful.  After the proposal and sunset, he took me to dinner where I thought it was going to be the two of us. We walked into Sabbatinos and both of our families were there jumping up and down, crying and taking pictures. It was amazing and magical and everything I could have asked for!



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23 responses to “Engaged: Alexia and Luciano

  1. Eliza Lewis

    Gorgeous couple and stunning pics! I enjoyed reading their engagement story. It makes their photo shoot even more meaningful!

  2. This is like a dream!

  3. Beautiful images and I love the setting with the great props!!

  4. Gina Cretikos

    I’m so proud to say that Alexia is my sister, and Luciano my soon to be brother in law. They are two of the most amazing, beautiful and kind hearted people you will ever meet. Two souls have never been more perfect for each other! Joel did a meticiously perfect job capturing their spirit and romance and we can’t wait for the wedding pics!

  5. This was such an amazing photo shoot….not just because my hubby let me bring a truck load of props, but because Alexia and Luciano were the most amazingly beautiful people you could ever meet, inside and out!!!

  6. Laurie F. Siedelman

    I’ve known Alexia since she was a little girl, and this photo shoot beautifully captures the same bright-eyed love for the world and zest for life she had even then. Clearly, she’s found her match in Luciano. These pictures are gorgeous. Congrats, you two!

  7. oh i have happy little goosebumps all over me 🙂 what beauty…

  8. This couple seems to be very happy together. The bride to be is glowing.

  9. Nicole

    You two are too beautiful – it’s not fair to the rest of us! He he… Seriously though, I am so excited for you and wish you nothing but the best! Much love XO, Nicole

  10. What a beautiful couple! They look so good together and the photos are just amazing.

  11. Courtney Cretikos

    Omg! Lexi you and Looch are redonkulously gorgeous! I heart these pics. Ummm big up’s to the photog. I’d submit your session too! Xxxxx

  12. They really look good together. The photos were absolutely brilliant. I love how they choose the place for this photo shoot.

  13. They look so in love and comfortable around each other. Their chemistry makes for such beautiful photos!

  14. Oooh! Thanks for introducing me to Found–what a great idea to rent vintage pieces instead of purchasing them!

  15. Alexia (Bride-to-Be)

    Thanks everyone for such nice words! We feel blessed to have each other and to be going through this beautiful time with such amazing people around us. Joel and Jeni are a dynamic duo and we had such an amazing day with them..which of course shows in the photos and i’m sure just a taste of what is to come. I can’t wait for the big day!! 🙂
    Alexia, bride to be

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  17. What a ludicrously beautiful couple!

  18. I think I could die too…this shoot is perfection. I adore her dark riding boots with the white summer dress. And their love story is super sweet.

  19. stella cretikos

    This is the mother of the bride and groom!!
    yes,they are two beautiful souls and we could not be more happy for the both of them. We love you both very much and we cannot wait for the big day! we cannot say any more as Monica thinks it is too public, ha! ha! ha! what is new?………

  20. What a wonderful couple and such glorious images. The props and photography are perfect!

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  22. Wow! Are these two models? I want whatever they are selling 🙂 Incredible images that seem to really capture the spirit and love of the couple. They are truly beautiful!

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