Cake Toppers

With the help of my “Style Circle”, we’ve put together a little collection of cake toppers with a ride range of styles. If you are thinking about doing a topper, I’m sure one of these may just suit your fancy. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the 40’s style vintage bride and grooms. Seems like the kind of adornment my grandmother may have had on her wedding cake!

First up, couples:

The left is from The Small Object, and the right is from The Vintage Bride.

Next up, unexpected nature:

On the left, quilled flowers as cake topper. Check it out here via So Happi Together. In the center, a “Love Nest” from Pom and Plumage. Last up, a DIY teacup topper via Ruffled.

Last, might we call these, vintage inspired, perhaps?

On the left, a cake flag banner from Baumbirdy. (LOVE IT!) On the right, “Love Birds” from Cotton Bird Designs.



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6 responses to “Cake Toppers

  1. Lauren Smith

    I love the cake flag banners. One of my favorite cake toppers are the Ann Wood Sweethearts. Love love those little birds!

  2. I love the bird cake toppers. They are gorgeous! Brides could even make their own “love birds” with felt, fabric, or even finding fake birds from a local craft store! The nest with eggs is also a beautiful idea, couples would want to hang on to these toppers forever!

  3. i really love that quilled wedding cake

  4. Summer,

    Have you seen these pretty cake toppers? TO DIE FOR!

  5. i like the “Love Birds” from Cotton Bird Designs, really “going green” theme for wedding cakes toppers, and also wanna share the paper wedding cakes toppers via, hope you like it

  6. Nicole

    My best friend chose these little birds as her cake toppers. Totally cute and they add a fun spin without breaking too much tradition (and without breaking the budget!)

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