Nautical Engagement

In the ongoing hunt for a great shoot location, Braedon Photography has gone and found a backdrop that is so summery and warm, I’m considering what it will take for me to find someone who can get me on the water, STAT. All you need for this incredible shoot is a killer yacht, a fab wardrobe, and some gorgeous weather! Oh…and a hot couple and a uber talented photographer wouldn’t hurt either. Thanks to Braedon for letting me share this really great session. I’ll show you a little more of the second half of this session later today!



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9 responses to “Nautical Engagement

  1. hk

    oh that last pic melts my heart!

  2. that IS a beautiful backdrop! great work, Braedon!

  3. We got engaged on the water too!

  4. love the last shoot! Such a fun shoot with the boat and water!

  5. Wow! This is stunning work, and kudos to you for stepping outside of the vintage-soaked box and featuring something processed a little differently! Way too many blogs are doing the same thing over and over.

  6. Grey

    Thanks, Stephanie!

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  8. So sweet! I just loveee all things nautical when it comes to weddings!

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