Bridal Shoot: All Those in Favor Say, Aye!

Heather, from Valentyne Photography, shot this bridal shoot last summer. I recently stumbled across it and couldn’t resist sharing it with you; it is so incredibly gorgeous!!! Check out what Heather said about the shoot and be sure to check out her work on her blog!

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A lavender field in the late afternoon is one of the most beautiful and ideal locations I can think of! For this beautiful shoot I headed out to Keys Creek Lavender Farm in Valley Center, California. The shoot was conceived and planned by a very talented group of girls, each with their own unique business. Natasha of Classic Creations made the fresh bouquets full of peonies, roses, cobra lilies, and of course, lavender! They were so gorgeous I think she should make them a staple of her bouquet offerings! Heather Brown {619-739-3948} did this romantic and vintage hairstyle to fit perfectly with the scene, and Nikki List {619-392-6724} did the make-up that went perfectly with the style of dress and the colors of the day. The dress is designed by Melissa Sweet and was generously loaned to us by Cher of my favorite gown boutique, Chez Bride Moderne. I really love working with talented and creative groups of successful women, it is so inspiring! Here are some of my favorite images.



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9 responses to “Bridal Shoot: All Those in Favor Say, Aye!

  1. Aye aye! Those flowers are sooo beautiful and make for a great shoot!

  2. love that location and what a gorgeous bride!

  3. Love the bouquets and the lavender – I’m definitely having it incorporated in my bouquet and in our day!

  4. Oh my! This is perfection.

  5. Beautifullll photos, and um hello…that model is SO pretty!

  6. love the setting and lavender bouquets!!

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  8. Can’t believe lavender farms exist! How unfair it is that not every place can have such kind of field!

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