For Valentine’s Day, I put together a little DIY project for my boyfriend that I decided to name “The US Box”. The idea was to give him tangible items that represent intangible commitments I make to him in our relationship. I typed out explanations on tags, and attached them to each item. I then presented everything to him inside of a vintage suitcase. It was really fun shopping around for vintage items and spending time thinking about specific commitments that I want him to know I’m making. I definitely had to stretch a little.

Here are some photos of the project, shot by Caroline Tran (who I LOVE!). Special thanks to her for taking these gorgeous photos! You can also see more here, where the project was featured by the most fabulous gals ever of 100 Layer Cake.

I think the idea works beautifully for anyone looking for a thoughtful and momentous gift to give someone…be it your fiance on your wedding day, your mother on mother’s day, etc… What I love about giving it to my boyfriend is that we can both continue to add to it as our relationship grows and requires new promises. I also love that our future children will be able to paw through the box and understand in very tactile ways what we do to put our love in action.

Hope you enjoy!



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27 responses to “THE “US” BOX

  1. That has to be the most amazing and sentimental gift I’ve ever heard of. It’s so special and really shows how much time, effort and thought you put into it. I’m definitely going to have to try this one. Thanks so much!

  2. summer- you amaze me!
    this is seriously so thoughtful and shows how appreciative and oh so in love with your man and your relationship. this is such a great idea…thanks for sharing.

    and of course, yay caroline and 100 layer cake!

  3. whoooooa!
    this is amazing and so romantic.

  4. wow these are amazing amazing. so beautiful!!!!! i want everything just to hang it all on my wall and met every time i see them!

  5. Your children, eh? 😉 You already know how much I loved this concept and how you executed it: but the photos are just stunning. LOVE.

  6. I’m completely in LOVE with this idea. Beautiful work, Summer! xo

  7. Heather

    Wait, your children? Aren’t you two only boyfriend and girlfriend? Where is the ring?

  8. This is executed so beautifully. j’ai l’amour! I’m sure the boyfriend was so excited (I’d be in tears!).

  9. Wow…. this is amazing!

  10. Grey

    Woops! I mean FUTURE children… One day! 😉

  11. amazing work! Great ideas and i just love it all!

  12. What an absolutely fabulous idea. I hope he appreciated the hell out of it.

  13. What a great original gift idea! I love the presentation- I might just have to make an “us” box!

  14. This is fantastic and so romantic. Well done!

  15. Too cute + thoughtful 🙂

  16. so thoughtful, inspiring, and beautiful. i love that you acknowledge how love is a verb- something we show through actions and not merely a feeling. you represented the act of loving so well. thank u for the inspiration!

  17. cute idea!! I LOVE it 🙂

  18. i love the idea it’s so romantic

  19. Beautiful. I love the idea of future children “pawing” through it.

  20. WOW!! You definitely have some major talent 🙂 Such a thoughtful idea!

  21. this gift is so wonderful and straight from the heart!

  22. this is incredible. having little tangible reminders would be such a cool reminder and might be nice to look through during times when we’re frustrated with one another :). thanks for sharing this. i may have to borrow this genius idea!

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  24. Bea

    Hey Summer:

    Can you tell me the size of the hang tags you used. love the look.

  25. Grey

    HI Bea! I used both sizes that they have available at places like Office Max!

  26. Oh so beautiful and touching and inspiring!

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