Now, About Us

Hi friends. My name is Amy and I will be holding down the GLW fort this week while Summer styles in the desert. And thank you to Summer for the gracious introduction, as well as the opportunity to guest blog.

As mentioned, I have a blog. I use it to collect and organize what inspires me. My day job is freelance writing. I live in Orange County. I thrift every chance I get. Letterpress makes me weak in the knees. So does Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I do my best work with a spatula. And I am in the market for a harmonica. So that is a bit about me.

Now, about us. I thought I would start our week with a dose of inspiration. This board is inspired by pretty things (with a pretty film couple). I hope you like it.

[1] Darling Dexter, [2] La Pomme, [3] Dandelion Ranch, [4] Allie Coate, [5] Luphia Loves, [6] Kristina Marie, [7]Nice, [8] Trever Hoehne, [9] BJ’s Music

Here’s to a lovely week together.



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4 responses to “Now, About Us

  1. Hello, Amy. Welcome. It is very nice to meet and make your acquaintance.

    Just so you know a little bit about me, a loyal reader, I am a bit obsessed with vintage typewriters (ok, so that may be a very HUGE understatement) and I have a feeling I will enjoy all of your posts to come.

    Have a lovely week!


  2. My beloved Amy! SO proud of you for guest blogging..I love this blog. And. You’re such a rock star.

    Might I be seeing your pretty face at South By next week?

  3. Amy

    P A I G E . Thank you for the comment love. I’m glad to hear you follow Grey.

    I have been mulling over SXSW- I am aching to go but my funds are tight. If I can find a cheap flight, I’ll consider it. Otherwise, I might need a rain check for next year.

  4. Amy

    BB, thanks for the kind welcome. It is so nice to meet you too. I am hoping to purchase a vintage typewriter soon, but I’m holding out for a good price. As soon as I find it, I’ll share it. Have a good week too! And thanks again.

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