Vintage Engagement Session

What can I say? Brandon Kidd is my hero. This engagement session is so unreal fabulous! I adore the location (where in the world is that?) with the old truck, water tower, and barn. And of course their wardrobes fit perfectly with the locale. Which brings up a great point. Brides… consider WHERE your photographer is taking you when you decide to plan your outfit. Playing off the backdrop with your wardrobe adds an extra special nuance to an engagement session that I find sorely missing in most sessions. Everything here is done beautifully!

And Brandon Kidd? The photographer? Stop it. Right. Now. If you aren’t already an absurdly huge fan of Brandon, consider yourself warned. Join the club!



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13 responses to “Vintage Engagement Session

  1. gorgeous! love the setting and location is crucial

  2. love that dress! i’m actually wearing it to my engagement party this weekend 🙂

  3. What beautiful photography… the lighting is just gorgeous!

  4. Liz

    Wow, love these! I don’t think I’ve ever disliked any of Brandon Kidd’s photos! And his own wedding was beyond stunning. Him and his wife are so freakin’ adorable together!

  5. cath

    i find these images over processed. sorry – ive seen better

  6. great images! I also heart any pic with an old school truck in it! =)

  7. I love her gorgeous Anthropologie dress and boots. They DO complement the setting perfectly:)

  8. Grey

    One gal’s over-processed is another gal’s perfection. This look is very specific…it has a beautiful, romantic vintage feel that a lot of brides are looking for.

    But that’s why there are so many photographers out there for us to choose from. Each has a different style to match the taste of such a variety of brides. What I think is important is appreciating this diversity and respecting each photographer’s art and each bride’s decision to choose.

  9. I love all your tips on styling your engagement session! They have been really helpful for me as I plan my own. Keep ’em coming!

  10. Gorgeous… makes me want to be there in the warm quiet. Thanks for sharing this! I’m about to go check out Brandon Kidd right. now.

  11. gorgeous. simply perfection.

  12. love it!!!!!! cute couple too

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