Engaged: Laura and Brett

It’s easy for those of us on the west coast to forget how snowy and cold it still is for our friends enduring actual winters on the other side of the country. Photographers Stacey and Jason of Staja Studios took full advantage of the icy white canvas for a recent engagement session. Laura and Brett’s sled rides, plus of course the hot pink scarf and cozy boots really make this such a sweet idea. Especially if your stuck with buckets of that white stuff for the next month at least!



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5 responses to “Engaged: Laura and Brett

  1. This engagement shoot is quite romantic. I love the photos and how the photographer captured the sweet natural moments of the couple enjoying the snow!Great photos!!!

  2. Love this engagement shoot!!

  3. These two are a delight – loving the everyday, casual fun!

  4. Thanks so much for choosing to publish this engagement session Summer! It was such a fun shoot and Laura and Brett were so great to agree to hitting that jump again, knowing full well it meant a self-induced face wash 🙂

  5. I like the snow here.

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