Today, I’m Inspired By…

Things are a bit discombobulated over here today. Much like my brain. So I thought I’d bring you a few things I’m feeling rather inspired by…that may or may not having anything to do with one another…besides, of course, the fact that they are pretty.

Fur Stoles. Adore.

This is Amanda from Ruffled Blog, via Once Wed

Home grown herbs jar from Burgon & Ball. How great would these be as favors???

Why? Why not?


These are from my recent FAVORITE blog obsession, A Field Journal. Love this blog! You must must must love it with me.

Also from A Field Journal, could we somehow work this out so it can be incorporated into your table number assignments? Somehow??

Discussing with my inner fashionista whether or not I can pull this off. Pretty sure on me, I’d look like a 2nd grader dressed up in mom’s heels. Nonetheless, can’t not love the look. What do you think?


Can you imagine with me, the curtain, the painting, the light fixture…as a ceremony backdrop? Imagine it with me…it could be so cool. A little glam, a little vintage, a little modern.


I want to celebrate at this table with my friends. Wedding, shower, engagement, birthday. It doesn’t matter. Just want to be in this photo. With my beloveds.

{The City Sage}

Last but not least, my weekend wish for each of you readers is much like this photo: don a stylishly fabulous, yet relaxed ensemble, enjoy what must be a tasty luncheon, and get some fresh air, perferrably on an idyllic country estate somewhere magical. But a weekend is a weekend whether it’s pretty or not, so I hope you all enjoy and I’ll see you back here on Monday!




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4 responses to “Today, I’m Inspired By…

  1. Ohhh I really love the Field Journal blog photos, thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  2. Great inspiration! I love all the different ideas and Field Journal is my next stop. Thx for sharing!

  3. Lex

    The socks with Mom’s sandals looks so cute! Though I doubt it would be appropriate for school!

  4. I love that little curtained niche of a bedroom! It makes me just want to draw the curtains and curl up in that cozy space. And I love your idea of a ceremony there…it totally reminds me of the famous Arnolfini Marriage painting. The painting in the back of the room even puts me in mind of the Flemish school of landscape painting. This would be a fantastic space for a fashionable reinterpretation of that painting!

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