Victor Sizemore Mentor Session

Photographer Victor Sizemore is hosting his second annual Mentor Session this year at WPPI. Last year’s was a raging success:

Well, he’s upping the game this year! I am so incredibly thrilled that he’s brought me on board to style this year’s session. We’re going to take it to a whole new level! Here’s a little sneak peek of our inspiration:

Spaces are limited, so make it quick! This will be an incredible chance to capture some really stunning images, so if you’re a photographer, definitely consider making it a part of your WPPI experience. Head over here for more information and to purchase your ticket!


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8 responses to “Victor Sizemore Mentor Session

  1. oh this is huge!! it’d be silly not to miss!! congrats and yay for you!!

  2. Grey

    Thank you! So exciting!!!

  3. how exciting! so proud/ecstatic for you! =)

  4. Can’t WAIT to see the results. Hope our favorite painted lady sofa makes it into the shoot… 😉

  5. Kathryn Bradley

    I just registered! It’s my first time going to WPPI and I won’t know a soul at this workshop, but I’m SO excited! Looking forward to meeting the infamous Summer! 🙂

  6. Grey

    So glad you made it on the list before we sold out! I can’t believe it went so quick!!!

  7. you da you da best.

    field journal. bookmarked. favorite. google reader.

  8. Grey

    Wooohooo! Way to go for being brave! You must be sure to introduce yourself to me. Let’s make a connection, yo!

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