Engaged: Sonia and Ian

I’m adding Mastin Studio to my list of new fave photographers. Their work is so lovely and I’m particularly digging Sonia and Ian’s engagement session. They are both really unique and I think Sonia’s outfits are FIERCE. Special thanks to Robin for sending over their work! Be sure to check their blog here!


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12 responses to “Engaged: Sonia and Ian

  1. what a cute couple…i agree her outfits are fierce!!! love the shoot

  2. Ahh, so nice! I dunno why I’m reading a wedding blog – I’m not even engaged. But I really love your blog here, such beautiful things, such great ideas for the future! 😉


  3. i totally want to raid that chickadee’s closet. oh my.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring Sonia and Ian. They were a true joy to shoot. Great subjects! It was a fun day!

  5. this is LOVELY. So hip and yet vintage. and i LOVE her eyeliner and that fur stole.

    And that GREEN HOUSE. oh my. gorg.

  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these… how many times have I shot at the same location and yet never thought to go inside the greenhouse. Duh. 🙂 Beautiful work!!

  7. Love these!! So hip and chic with their great outfits!

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  9. OH this couples style is RAD.

  10. Oh my…these are just lovely!

  11. Amy

    Whoa, I live right by the park they took these photos in, and before I scrolled down I was thinking the tree in the second picture looked familiar. Guess I go to the park too often. Wonderful photos.

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