Globetrotting Style

Happy Friday, my lovelies!

Today, I wanted to share with  you a new type of inspiration board…it’s for an engagement session! We’re seeing more and more couples make the choice to invest in styling their engagement sessions, and I can’t tell you how much I’m loving it! As a stylist, engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to work on, because the possibilities are endless, and it is an opportunity to explore the couple’s interests and style, highlighting what makes their relationship unique. If you haven’t ever considered hiring a stylist for your engagement session, I’d encourage you to think about it. You’re adding so much value to your photos by capturing a story, rather than a few poses! It can be so rewarding and worth the extra investment!

This board is for a couple who has a love for travel. The setting can take place near a vintage trailer (like the gorgeous aqua one of Enjoy Cupcakes!) or perhaps in an old convertible, road trip style. There are so many great elements that you could incorporate into the idea…particularly if you went with a sort of road trip vibe, shooting photos of your favorite on-the-road activities! Whatever suits your fancy, make sure to include coordinated elements, like the maps, globe, aqua purse and of course a fabulous ensemble!

Sources: 1. Trailer: Enjoy Cupcakes by Elizabeth Messina via Snippet and Ink 2. Purse 3. Vintage French Maps 4. Couple with map 5&6. J.Crew 7. Globe



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5 responses to “Globetrotting Style

  1. love the colors…cute idea!

  2. Well done, I love the globetrotting theme.

  3. LOVE! i think that travel inspired engagement sessions are soo lovely!

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