Intern with Grey!

***Update: I’ve had so much amazing response from an incredible pool of well-educated and crazy talented women. Because of such a huge response, the application process is now closed. But be on the look out for the next intern opportunity later this year.***

Happy Blogiversary! Well, I guess I’m a few weeks late, but I couldn’t let little Ol’ Grey’s Blogiversary go without mentioning. This year has been a fabulous whirlwind of happy blogging and zealous styling. And we’re only getting started.

In light of such glorious growth (and some really huge things Grey has in store) I’ve decided to take on an intern or two. I’m looking for a few curious, energetic and happy souls that would like to come hang with me, mop up a little learning, and have a major amount of fun crafting, styling, publishing and lunching. If you or someone you know in the Orange County vicinity is interested, please email greylikesweddings{at}gmail{dot}com.

No: this is not my desk. Nor is this the intern desk. But it is a pretty desk and maybe if you see this picture, it will make you want to work with me that much more. Right???

{Image source}


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7 responses to “Intern with Grey!

  1. andrea

    Any idea where the desk is from?? Kind of amazing!

  2. i’ve never wished to NOT be a Utahnian more in my entire little existence …

  3. Julia

    Damn. Why do I live in Oregon again??

  4. This sounds like a dream come true! Too bad I’m on the wrong coast. Let me know if you need an email intern, or if you spontaneously decide to move east.

  5. Hmm. Doesn’t Grey Like the East? Haha. Wishing you were on my side… Or nearer. Whomever interns with you will be the object of much jealousy.

  6. I Love that desk! Where can i find it? would love to add it to my collection!

  7. i think i want to intern with you!
    *with or without a desk looking like that. =P

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