Black and White Valentine’s Day

An absolutely AMAZING group of ladies put together this Valentine’s Day photo shoot and let me tell you, words don’t do this justice. These gals have presented a gorgeous spread for us, but have also sparked an incredibly creative idea about celebrating and finding love. I’m going to let Nanci from So Happi Together tell you all about it, but first, let me introduce the contributors:

Event Design and Coordination – So Happi Together; Photography – Connie M Chung; Floral Design – Floral Elements; Stationery Design and Calligraphy – Olive Hue Paper Goods; Chair Rentals – Signature Party Rentals; Linens – BBJ Linens; Cakes – Some Crust Bakery

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Our Valentine’s Day photo shoot is not your typical celebration of couples, chocolates and hearts. Two ideas inspired this shoot and a story about a sophisticated Valentine’s Day party thrown by an engaged couple who love their friends nearly as much as they love each other – and decide to celebrate that love on this day.

The Ideas:

1. In Korea, 2/14 is Valentine’s Day and women are supposed to give a present to their significant other. 3/14 is White Day and men are supposed to give a present to their significant other. 4/14 is Black Day and single people go out to eat “ja jang myun” (noodles with black bean paste) to commiserate the fact that they do not have a significant other and therefore, did not receive gifts for the previous two months.

2. Many brides I meet talk about the guilt they feel towards their single friends (especially when those friends are in their bridal party) when they talk ceaselessly and excitedly about their wedding plans. Also, I find that not everyone enjoying the eye candy and inspiration provided by the wedding blogging world are engaged or even dating! So, I wanted to create something just for those single individuals who love a good love story and a beautiful party.

The result:

A fabulous black and white themed party (with the perfect touch of blush pink) for your single friends who are ready to mingle. The party can be about finding new love or meeting new friends; either way, everyone is sure to have a good time!

The details:

Pink and red streamers and hearts are so not your style, so why should they dominate your day of love? Instead, the black-white-blush pink color palette hints at the Korean traditions of Black Day, White Day and Valentine’s Day while maintaining a chic aesthetic that is neither too feminine nor too masculine.

Your place card doubles as a calling card at the end of the night. The back of your place card has a list of names of people at the party. You can check the name of a person with whom you particularly “clicked” (male or female), fill in your contact information and pass it along with no awkward reservations or moments, like, “Um… do you twitter?”

One small cake per two people encourages sharing and provides yet another excuse to mix and mingle with those sitting next to you.

The meal itself is none other than the fun-to-eat, not-so-neat ja-jang-myun and is a nod to the traditional Black Day for singles.

To all the engaged readers, your friends will be coming to celebrate your love on your wedding day. Why not celebrate them on this day of love? That is what I call a generous bride and groom!



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27 responses to “Black and White Valentine’s Day

  1. beautiful! what kind of flowers are those black and white ones? love them

  2. the little cake and the black & white flowers are awesome!!!

  3. Everything is adorable! So cute!

  4. Summer! Thank you SO much for the feature! You just rocked my world! 😉 The black and white flowers are anemones and I love them too! They were the one must-have for our shoot.

  5. Those flowers are so pretty.

  6. black, white, light pink = genius!!! i’m also really loving the silhouettes! this is truly a GORGEOUS shoot and wonderful idea!

  7. anemones! one of my favorite flowers. 🙂

    we have some majorly talented friends out there. awesome job, ladies!

    thanks for sharing, summer!

  8. Awww~~~ This photoshoot is sooo adorable & cute! Great job ladies! It can also be a perfect inspiration for bridal showers too.

  9. this just may be the cutest thing I have ever seen (and read!)

    makes me proud to be a one and not part of a two!

    singles, UNITE!

  10. haha! the korean in me LOVES this shoot! 🙂 so beautifully done, with so much heart!

  11. thank you so much summer for the feature!! and thanks for the kind words everyone!

  12. Lauren

    Love, love, love this! I am a single gal but love looking through wedding blogs (my dream is to own a planning business) and gathering inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  13. hi summer!!! thank you soooo much for the feature! you are truly awesome! xoxo! perfect way to start the weekend. 🙂

  14. ellen

    how cute!!!!! great job, everyone! esther unnie, you’re a great model for this theme! loved every bit!
    nancy unnie, glad you found the jja jang myun! 🙂 hehe

  15. kenneth hong

    omg. . . who is that little minx? she’s hawt! great pictures!! i love the color combo and the pictures are awesome

  16. Amy H

    Wow. I love the colors..super cute! And amazing photos!

  17. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this! What a talented group of ladies! Beautiful xo

  18. What an incredibly sweet gesture… it’s so lovely to see people incorporating the real meaning of traditions into their own contemporary wedding rituals and making it so aesthetically pleasing! So beautiful and touching!

  19. the flowers are great in this shoot- love the colors, such a soft palette. Nice work ladies!

  20. Omg, so cute! I absolutely love everything here. The floral arrangements are beautiful!! Just my style.

  21. Amazing images from an amazing and talented group of ladies!

  22. i love this! so romantic 🙂

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