Vintage Engagement Session: Dianne and Juan

Dianne and Juan decided to fully commit to a vintage theme for their engagement session. They even bought outfits to match the look. The vintage suitcase is always a winner, as is the camera and the books–they’re a really great recipe for cute! Thanks to Frenzel Photographers for sending over such lovely images.

Do you want this look for yourself? If you’re looking for vintage items to use for your own photo shoot, check out this vintage camera and this vintage suitcase on Etsy!


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7 responses to “Vintage Engagement Session: Dianne and Juan

  1. i love so many things about this shoot from the flower in her hair, to the suitcase, to the books, to the outdoor blanket, to their outfits! *swoon* the pictures captured everything so perfectly!

  2. Love, love, love that purple dress. Those photos are amazing.

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  4. her yellow heels make me smile 🙂

  5. queen bee

    I love this shoot! So romantic!!!

  6. Jpeters3

    Where are those yellow heels from? I am completely in love with them!

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