Real Wedding: Penny and Rich

Sometimes, if you want to see your wedding/photography on a wedding blog, all you need is a drop dead gorgeous location. Location, location, location. There aren’t any details here. Nor are there any getting ready photos or pictures of the favors. No, my sweet readers. There is just a snowy landscape and a gorgeous bride and groom. That’s all it took for me to insist of sharing Josh’s images from Bella Grace Studios.



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4 responses to “Real Wedding: Penny and Rich

  1. Brrrrrr and beautiful!

  2. tell me their names weren’t lost on you!?! Penny and Rich!!! too cute!

  3. Grey

    OH EM GEEE! Thank you so much for pointing that out!

  4. Penny

    Many, many thanks to Josh @ Bella Grace Studios for taking such gorgeous photos! I can’t wait to see all of our wedding pictures.

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