Engaged: Claire and Brent

Photographer Kelly Hornberger is so freakin’ sweet. I can tell just by her emails. I can also tell that she’s from the south. She had an accent in her emails. I swear I can tell! (I suppose the fact that she’s based out of Houston was a big clue…but really. Her writing has an accent!) Anyhow, I think her recent session with Claire and Brent was just too cute to pass up. Great location + fab photographer + cute couple + really fun activites. Done deal.

People, I can’t tell you how much I love when couples pick a really fun location like this… something that they’d do on a date perhaps. There is so much fun stuff to shoot!

Be sure to check back in a little later this morning. I’ve got a gorgeous little post on a designer that I’m currently crushing on hard core!



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7 responses to “Engaged: Claire and Brent

  1. that is a great location for a shoot! how fun!

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  3. Those are very cute photos! Love em!

  4. now that i see this shoot, i feel like i have been missing out on carnival / amusement park locales for engagement shoots. how perfect. the nostalgic-vibe, playful feel and {multiple} colors are fantastic! thanks for sharing.

  5. There is nothing more precious than seeing the fun that is captured in an engagement session, especially when the backdrop is so inspiring!

  6. Fantastic location for an engagement shoot.

  7. what a fun session to shoot!!! these photos are fantastic!!!

    Charleston, South Carolina Wedding Photographers

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