Engaged: Dana and Robert

I’m super crazy about Dana and Robert’s cutie pie ensemble they wore to their engagement shoot. Her little skirt (or is it a dress?) is killer and you KNOW I have a weakness for suspenders–they’re delicious. Special thanks to Micah Dahlberg for sending over his gorgeous photography! Happy Thursday!



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9 responses to “Engaged: Dana and Robert

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  2. Dana

    During this shoot Robert and I had the most fun ever with Micah and Megan. They are true artists and some of the nicest sweetest people you will ever meet. We cant wait for our wedding, so we can see them again. Oh…and its a dress. I borrowed it from one of my sweet bridesmaids 🙂

  3. So adorable! The balloon shots seem to be popular these days. Lovely!

  4. What a cute idea to use luggage in these photos!

  5. love this shoot. I wish I had thought of the balloon when we had our engagement shoot. But I don’t like my face when I am not smiling. Sure…everybody likes a good smiling face…but not everyone looks good stern. It’s a talent!

  6. Nice set of images showing the personality of the couple. Props are ideal in these circumstances. Thanks for sharing inspiration with other photographers.

  7. These are great. Love the color and creativity.

  8. charlotte

    Aww You guys are so cute!!

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