Real Wedding: Jenny and Jeff

Love all the quirky details from Jenny and Jeff’s wedding, which was sent to me by Choco Studio. I particularly adore the succulent centerpieces, which are SOOO DIY friendly. They last forever and look so great stuffed in all sorts of unique little containers. I hope you enjoy! Happy Tuesday!



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15 responses to “Real Wedding: Jenny and Jeff

  1. the centerpieces are incredible!

  2. Kelsey

    I can’t believe this is a real wedding. It’s so chic!

  3. jamiedelaine

    THIS. is. incredible.

  4. Wow, who knew succulents could be so cute?! Gorgeous dress, great details and most importantly, it looks like loads of fun was had too! Thank you for sharing!

    xx Kit

  5. I love everything she is wearing. So fabulous!

  6. How unique! Gorgeous images!

  7. ooh. I love the centrepieces and the bride’s dress. So many amazing details!

  8. just love the use of lambs ear in the bouquets… one of my favorite to use as well… fab details, great board… thank you for sharing…

  9. Lex

    That’s really new to me! The mask and all. Very Irish country-ish.

  10. I’m always searching for original and stylish centrepieces so very pleased to see this!

  11. this wedding is breathtaking. absolutely love the details.

  12. This is literally the dress of my totally-single-right-now-but-if-I-wasn’t-I’d-wear-it dreams.

    So incredibly vintag-ey and perfectly pretty.

    Bravo, bride, bravo!


  13. jarita

    I love the monkey tails in the bouquet, and her headpiece is so over the top!

  14. i love this post! her hair piece is amazing, and i love how they are all playing instruments at the reception..makes me want to jump right in 🙂

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