Yellow and Eyelet

I know this inspiration board is really simple, but sometimes, that can be a good thing. This conveys how an incredibly simple idea–eyelet lace–can easily be relied upon for all your inspiration. The elements in this inspiration board play off one another and you can see how even the tiny daisies mirror the look of the eyelet lace.

Sometimes, all you need is a very simple, straightforward idea to direct the rest of your decor! It doesn’t take a crazy intricate inspiration board and TONS of crazy components. For those of us that AREN’T designers, and that stress out about the thought of decorating our wedding, stick to something simple like this. It gives you one main element to repeat throughout your wedding. Eyelet Lace? Use those paper lace doilies as cones for petals to be thrown down the aisle. Use them to embellish gift wrap, or hold your favors. Find old crochet lace to spice up your tables, wrap it around bouquets, vases and mason jar candles, and throw it behind anything you might be framing. It’s one element that you can use in several different ways. Simple, easy, and doable!

How else might you use eyelet lace? Any other ideas?

Sources: 1. Sue Stemp via Design Sponge 2. via Image Spark 3. Flickr 4. unknown via Image Spark



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13 responses to “Yellow and Eyelet

  1. What I think is cool about eyelet lace is that there are two levels. From far away, you can still discern an overall image but from close up, you can really be surprised by the intricacies. Your first image captures that perfectly, I think. I was also immediately reminded of birdcage veils. Those might go well with the eyelet lace motif.

  2. i love the use of eyelet…it’s very soft and feminine. for a vintage chic wedding, you could wrap a piece of it around the invitation. this would give guests a beautiful peek of what’s to come!

  3. I love this post! Well done sis

  4. sherry

    Here’s a tutorial for making a paper doily banner. It’s so pretty. :o)

    Sherry (mother of the bride)

  5. Grey

    Thank you Sherry! I love DIY projects like this!

  6. Your roomie

    What is eyelet? Thanks. Your sister. 😉

  7. Grey

    Awesome. Haha. I love that question. Here’s a link. It’s an entire website about eyelet lace. Who knew?

  8. Your roomie

    Who knew? I certainly did not. Thank you for your informative link. Their website could obvi use you pretty-ing skills because it looks like something I’d pick out from Pier 1. GASP!

  9. Grey,
    You are wonderful! I loooove love love all your sites, thanks for checking mine out! Thank you for the tip about the burlap… once we cut it I will definitely have to check on the overall look with or without the sewn edges. We plan to make a placemat size first and then go from there!
    I will have to send you our wedding pics this summer… I am so excited about everything!


  10. Grey,

    I thought I left a comment earlier… weird! Anyway I wanted to tell you thanks for checking out my blog and for giving me tips on burlap! I love love love all your sites and always check on them! You are wonderful, keep up the great work!


  11. Also… Sherry that DIY doily garland is AWESOME! I am in love!

  12. Great post, I love eyelet! Especially for a wedding, so flirty and feminine.. perfect for summery bridesmaid or flower girl dresses too!

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