Real Wedding: Marri and Drew

Photographer Daniel Kiyoi works magic with his camera. I’m convinced he could shoot even an UGLY wedding and I’d still want to publish it. I fully believe that if photographers have the right eye, they can make any wedding look spectacular. That being said, it doesn’t hurt if the wedding is totally adorable, which of course is the case with Marri and Drew’s wedding. I love the simple sweet bouquets and the groom’s suspenders!



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16 responses to “Real Wedding: Marri and Drew

  1. What lovely photographs. What a lovely dreamy wedding and such joy!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for making my day!

  3. Lex

    When I saw the photos, I agreed with what you said. He worked magic with his camera.

    PS. I thought I saw Miley Cyrus!

  4. So cooooo cute!! Just love it!

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  6. I love the processing, the couple..everything!!

  7. Mandi

    These are all students from the college I worked at in Boston…and Daniel is a recent alum…SO talented! Fun to see him on your blog 🙂

  8. I love her dress. The flowers are beautiful.

  9. Grey

    What??? Noooo WAY! I love when people I know are friends with the people I feature. SIX degrees of separation. It never fails!

  10. Oh, SO beautiful. They are going to have lovely, poetic memories forever to look back on, now. Good job. What other types of photography do you do? Any special requests? And where are you located? (If I overlooked it on the blog, in plain sight as is my luck, I apologize.)

  11. Or are you the photographer? If not, I apologize! It’s late, and I’m not entirely present at the moment. If not, who is?

    And if you are, what I said before still stands.

  12. Grey

    Hi Mad Bird. The photographer is Daniel Kiyoi. I linked to him in the post. For the weirdest reason, I’ve received a few comments and emails alluding to the misinterpretation that I’m a photographer. Totally not the case. I’m a blogger…here to bring you guys fresh content and ideas from the wedding world. I’m also a stylist, creating FRESH inspiration for the industry. Hope that helps!

  13. Don’t say it’s ugly it’s your special day. Wedding in itself is beautiful.

    Really liked the descend from heaven effect.

  14. wonderful post! love the sky photos…

  15. Gorgeous photos… there is a nice warm like that bathes everything and the black/white make her look very glamorous

  16. i went to school with daniel too – and he is aaaamazing.

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